Sena'a Gate
Sena'a Gate
Sena'a Gate
Clock Gate
Clock Gate
Clock Gate
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Sub-Building
Chemical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Communications Engineering
Electromechanical Engineering
Production Engineering and Metallurgy
Production Engineering and Metallurgy Sub-Building
Computer Engineering
Applied Sciences
Applied Sciences Sub-Building
Petroleum Technology Engineering
Civil Engineering
Materials Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Control and Systems Engineering
Laser Engineering and Optoelectronics
Computer Science
Computer Science Sub-Building
Electromechanical Engineering Sub-Building
Civil Engineering Sub-Building
Chemical Engineering Sub-Building
Oil Technology Sub-Building
Nanotechnology Technology
IT Center
Engineering Affairs
Construction and projects
1-English Language Center 2-Environmental Research Center
Training And Workshop Center
E-Learning and Multimedia
Postgraduate Studies
Quality Assurance
Statistics & Data Bank
Media and Archives
Dormitories Affairs
Renewable Energy Center
Scientific & Engineering Consulting Bureau
University Bank
Dormitories Sub-Building
University Post Office
University follow-up department
University Press
Innovative Student Club
Presidency Affairs
Students Activity
Department of Graduate and Legal Studies
Main Parking
Students Registration
Presidency Parking
Health Center
The Shelter
The Central Library
UOT Theatre
Studies and Planning Department
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